Everyone just loves a great custom-made t-shirt design. So, what makes for a great design? What is the main attraction of a t-shirt that makes people will want to wear it over and over again?

Well, some of the greatest designs can come in the form of simplistic and minimalistic. But most simple designs have to come out with something rights – and avoid the most common mistakes to achieve that greatest. 

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1. Sizing

There could be things in life where size doesn’t matter. In custom t-shirt printing Malaysia, it does matter a lot. However, many people tend to neglect this matter and go with the standard sizing most of the time. 

Here is the thing: the size of the t-shirt should be decided based on the nature of the design, as well as the properties of the outfit to be printed and have some thought put into it. 

It’s all depending on the shape of your design; it could look much bigger than it could. Some of the uniform suppliers in KL make a custom t-shirt printing on regular paper and hold up their shirt to get an idea of how it will appear. 

2. Placement

Sometimes, the placement of the custom jersey printing conflated with the location. In reality, it’s the specific measurement of where to print the design within the area.

Your shirt design could be amazing that it turns heads but get the placement wrong, and head will be turning for the wrong reason. The common mistakes t-shirt printing in Malaysia is the belly print which is never flattering. 

3. Typography & Fonts

Typography can be defined as the visual component of the written word in its most basic form. It is not about itself, but anytime the text is printed and displayed, it involves some degree of typography. 

When it comes to t-shirt printing in Malaysia, typography is the art of typesetting or arranging the type in a way that relevant, along with the selection of typefaces. This is to ensure that the letter spacing and line spacing is aligned, and the way it interacts with the graphic elements is aesthetically pleasing.

You should know that your font choice could express many about the way your design is received and convey certain ideas or evoke emotions that may not be intentional. Form a lifetime of looking at logos, ads and graphics; you could have been conditioned to attribute specific characteristics to specific fonts.

4. Composition

Next, composition is something that you might remember from your high school art class. Every custom-made t-shirt design has elements that are arranged with each other. This relation is what makes up the overall composition.

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Most of the time, what makes for a perfectly designed composition could be a matter of opinion. However, some basic composition rules could enhance the design dramatically when adhered to. You may check out online resources if you would like to learn to improve your composition techniques on custom t-shirt printing. 

5. Image Quality

This is also one of the most common problems with the customer-submitted art files. The images are all too often received in low-resolution. In other words, they don’t have sufficient pixel information to give the best of quality and details that make for good print quality.

Another problem with low-resolution images is they have been compressed, making them have visible artefacts from that compression. Sometimes, you could see these artefacts in custom jersey printing unless you zoom in.

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