Do you need more money? There are many cashback programs for the various platforms that earn you money, cashback, and other cool rewards. Cashback is “getting cash back,” you can get back the money as a reward once you have made a purchase.

In Malaysia, shoppers transform their spending behaviour to online shopping in Malaysia to save more money. Therefore, e-commerce is the fastest-growing retail market because of the existence of rewards, cashback, and discount code.

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There are many benefits of affiliate marketing related to cashback reward. You could gain profits if you involved in affiliate marketing no matter you are an advertiser, consumer or publisher.

Earn Extra Money

As a publisher, you can promote advertiser’s offers or online shopping website for commissions by writing a good quality blog post. They are many platforms that can let you be a blogger or webmaster such as YouTube channel, Facebook page or Instagram account. Once there are people who purchased through your referral link and drive them to the target website. For example, Lazada Affiliate program allows bloggers to earn commission by promoting the product that is being sold in Lazada stores.

You can make extra money while you sleep with this affiliate program start from building a website, create a website, provide quality content and recommend the products with suggestions. You can discover your content strategy, such as using blog posts or videos to increase your subscribers.

Growing In Popularity

As an advertiser, you want to promote your website, product or content using the affiliate marketing schemes. With this marketing method, you can be more flexible to pay publishers for influencing sales. You need to pay only when they increase your sales, unlike another advising method, it ensures your marketing is cost-effective because paying based on publisher’s performance.

For example, if you join the Zalora affiliate program Malaysia, there are many publishers to recommend your products on their social media. Therefore you can get better brand visibility because it secures high search engine listing.

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As a cost-effective customer acquisition because you only need to pay for the leads that subsequently become your customers.

Get Sales, Cashback And Discounts

If you are a consumer or website visitor, you can get extra cashback rewards once you purchase products online via the publisher’s referral links. Find out more about the cashback reward program.

This affiliate marketing also benefits the consumers as you are the visitor on publisher pages, as mentioned before, affiliates will share information about the sales on their social media platform then you can get special discount codes as well.

One of the benefits is “convenience” to drive consumers towards online shopping. You don’t need to step out of the house to visit stores, stand long queues and trying so hard to find the products you want. The biggest online shopping platform Lazada, they have provided Lazada cashback to save your money.

lazada cashback

Besides that, there are the most significant sale events of every year on the 11th of November (11.11 sales). You can play LazGame in Lazada app in your mobile phone to win coins; these coins can then be exchanged for discount vouchers from brands ad sellers in the reward store. Additionally, if you are among the first 111 users to reload a certain amount into the e-wallet, then you will also get cashback rewards.

Moreover, bloggers usually will provide good recommendations; notably, they will suggest the products that they use. The most important is they can give you the “real” review as you can ask the questions related to that product.

For example, MY Smart Shopper can let you earn cash points and reward points when you are using their site to complete your transaction in your favourite store. Visit our website to find out more info now!

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