With the uprising of cyber-crime cases in Malaysia, many of high-profile online security breaches have come to the limelight and continue to dominate the media headlines.

Inevitably, this trend has placed an increasing number of businesses at risk. Even though many of the business has started growing their security measurement with COX certification training Malaysia, this doesn’t stop the malicious hackers from actively developing new and more sophisticated forms of attack. Click here to book a consultation today.

 security posture assessment malaysia

Even though with the help from the penetration testing company and anti-virus software, and assuming your business is secure is not a smart idea. As part of the modern business, you need you to test the resistance of your security against cybersecurity threats and build highly effective defence mechanism.

To test whether and how a malicious hacker could gain unauthorized access to your assets, you will need a better solution from penetration testing service providers. Read on and discover why penetration testing is essential for your business.

1. Uncover Hidden System Vulnerabilities

The most surefire way to measure the level of your security is by doing a simulation test on how it can be hacked. Usually, the pentest company offers CASK training course Malaysia to safely test your system’s resistance to external hacking attempts.

The major difference between a real hacking experience and penetration test rest in its safe and controlled manner. Top pentest companies are able to simulate a real attack scenario and exploit the vulnerabilities in showcasing potential harm of malicious hacking attempt.

  security posture assessment

2. Save Remediation Costs & Reduces Network Downtime

The process of recovering from the security breach could cost your business thousands or even millions of monies including the expenditure on customer protection programs, regulatory fines and loss of business operability.

Therefore, having a cybersecurity training in Malaysia is essential in getting everything back in track and running will require substantial investment as well as advanced security measures.

The penetration test or forensic service Malaysia is a proactive solution for identifying the biggest areas of weakness in your IT system and mitigating the risk of financial and reputational losses.

3. Develop Efficient Security Measures

The summarized result of penetration testing and computer forensic in Malaysia are essential in accessing your current system security level. They could provide your top management with insightful information about identified security gaps, their actuality and potential impact on the system performance.

Besides, an experienced Pentest company in Malaysia will also present you with a list of recommendations for their timely remediation and help you to develop reliable info about the security system as well as future cybersecurity investments.

Even though the penetration test might involve the usage of automated tools, the primary focus is still on the manual skills, professional knowledge, and experience of penetration testers. Visit LGMS Global to find out more.

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4. Enable Compliance with Security Regulations

For sure, penetration testing and digital forensic Malaysia play a crucial in protecting your business and valuable assets from potential intruders. However, the benefits of penetration testing extend far beyond network and data security.

Having regular pen tests could help you to comply with the security regulations dictated by the leading security standards, such as ISO 27001 and PCI DSS companies Malaysia and avoid heavy fines associated with non-compliance.

These standards require every company managers and system owners to constantly conduct regular penetration tests and security audits with the help of professional security analysts.

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