There are four seasons available in this world. Not every country will have four seasons such as Malaysia. Malaysia has only the summer season all year long. If you like summer very much and want to enjoy sunbath on those beautiful sandy beaches, Malaysia Penang is one of the suggested places for this.

The summer holiday is the ‘hottest’ vacation throughout the year. This is due to there are many public holidays and school holidays exist together. Thus, Penang is one of the locations that are very suitable for a summer vacation.

best beach resort in penang

Penang has a beautiful beach

It is summer and the beach is a must-go destination to feel the summer heatwave. Although Penang is a small island surrounded by seas and oceans, Penang is still a place worth to visit.

The sandy beaches at Batu Ferringhi have lots of recreational activities. Activities such as jet ski and so on. There are people who also like to have a great sunbath, build a castle and picnic on the beach.

penang resort

There have the best beach resorts in Penang

Summer is all about vacation near the beaches. There are hotels and resorts in Penang locate around the beach. Vacation beside the beach is a very popular destination and it is welcomed by most friends, families, and couples.

If you want to have fun and want to enjoy some sea wind, staying in a beach resort is a good choice such as you may search for the Batu Ferringhi Seaview beach resort in Penang.

Blue sky, white cloud-like candy floss, it is the view from the room of best resort in Penang nearby beach when you look outside the window. It is also a romantic place for a honeymoon when getting night.

You may view the stars during the night beside the beach. The view and the atmosphere are different during day and night.

Resort Penang Malaysia has the best facilities

You browse through multiple websites to look for a suitable Penang resort hotel while you are planning for your summer trip. If you are comparing the facilities provided by the hotels and resorts at Penang beach with the price worth for, resorts commonly have more complete facilities and there are more activities able to carry out in the resort.

resort penang malaysia

For example, the hotel in Batu Feringgi Pulau Pinang is surrounded by the shop lots, food courts and markets whereas the resort may have included a variety of activities with its facilities.

However, you may choose the hotels in Batu Ferringhi beach if your main concern is about activities around the beach.

There is various type of Penang hotels available on this small island. If you are looking for a suitable accommodation that best fits your needs, then you may browse through any website of a hotel in Penang Island Malaysia. There are details for price facilities available, comments and feedback from the previous customer experience. You may use the information provided by their website to look for the most suitable accommodation for you.

With the advance of the Internet nowadays, you may go to intermediaries for Penang hotel booking. The internet serves a platform to connect between the customer and the hotel. Therefore, the convenience in hotel booking online is very popular nowadays.

There are many beaches available in Penang. The most famous one is near Batu Ferringhi. Your summer trip will be exciting when you go to the beaches. You must rely on the review of the hotels near the beach online thus you can adjust the expectation for yourself such as Batu Ferringhi Hotel.

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