Window film Perth, or also known as tinted film, is one of the first accessories to be added to a vehicle when a car owner takes the delivery of his or her car.

It is not an exaggeration to state that almost every car in Australia have window tinting applied to them. Window films do more than just reduce the heat in the car.

As a matter of fact, prominent quality of window tinting able to reduce the glare and improve safety by providing much stronger resistance to shattering.

If you look at the current market nowadays, there are various promotions regarding vinyl wrap and window films. Let’s check out each of the strength of the window film.

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1. Metallized Film

The most hot-pick type of window film is metalized film, which comprises about 70% to 80% of the films in the market, due to nowadays the advancement of technology.

Asides from the car wrap Perth, the window film can act as a protection of your vehicle from the various types of harmful rays. This is why metalized window film has become an all-time favorite because it is much more budget-friendly.

However, the heat performance of the metalized film is generally moderate. It also has a high reflectivity which could affect visibility.

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2. Dyed Film

Unlike the metalized film, dyed window security film is less reflective. On the other hand, the driver would not be worried about the visibility as well as privacy. In addition, the film does not cause any signal interference.

However, the heat rejection performance of the dyed film is quite low, as there is no protection against harmful rays. Thus, the discoloration and bubbling are likely to happen as these types of film use an adhesive that is not formulated for the film.

3. Hybrid Metalized-Dyed Film

There also exits a hybrid film that utilizes the metalized & dye technology in improving the heat rejection performance as well as improving the protection against the harmful UV rays.

As the home tinting in Perth is a combination of two films that consists of metal elements, there is a potential risk of reflectivity, corrosion, and signal interference. This is not excluding the risk of discoloration as this type of film using dyed film technology. Visit our shop today in Perth.

New Generation Film: 3M Multi-Layer Optical Film Technology

This type of film offers not only maximum heat rejection but also has high visibility. They are designed to selectivity filter out heat-contributing rays like infrared rays.

The 3m vinyl wrap optical film technology does not interfere with the signals. There are no risks of corrosion or discoloration as there is no metal contained in this type of film. However, the cost can quite costly as they can be found ubiquitously.

Now that you know the different types of films and what they offer, several things need to be considered before choosing the right home window film, such as:

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Heat Rejection

You should know about the Total Solar Energy Rejected (TSER) rating, which indicates how much solar heat is prevented from going into the cabin.

There is a general misconception that dark film rejects more heat. But in reality, the heat is caused mainly by infrared (IR) rays.

Therefore, you are advised to select the car tint brand that could offer a manufacturer’s warranty. Most of the shop-level warranty will be void if the tint shop goes out of the business.

The manufacturer’s warranty could give consumers the assurance that if the car tinting shop that applied the film for them goes out of the business, the customers still could get the issue resolved.

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