Home security crime in Malaysia has been rising to an alarming state. As a matter of fact, home robberies were at their highest in the past five years during late 2018, with break-ins and other home security breaches remaining a concern.

It is undeniable that security systems like Panasonic PABX system Malaysia have come in a long way over the years, with a more advanced system, more versatile than ever.

From the best CCTV brand to remote-controlled locks, most of the security systems now are being automated and even can be controllable through an app on your smartphones. Check out Advance Plus for the list of security products.

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Whether you are a renter or homeowner, having decent home security should always be your top priority.

Naturally, thieves or burglars tend to target properties with little to no security or resident areas that look unoccupied.

Nevertheless, with most of the Malaysian are not implementing the necessary security measures, there is some effort need in putting up against the break-ins and give a better protection family, homes, and your belongings with PABX system supplier.

If you ever want to go an extra mile and learn more about the ways to protect your house beyond a security system, here is the list of the tips that could deter criminals from breaking into your home.

1.  Change Your Home Locks Security

Re-keying or changing your new home locks or password when your move-in often being neglected. Be more aware, don’t be naïve!

If you assuming every former owner or renter of your new home is as honest and trustworthy as you, and has handed back all the copies keys, that could be a recipe for disaster.

Unless you have built your home security from scratch, you could never be sure how many sets of keys to your property exist. You surely wouldn’t wish to put your family and your belonging at risk.

As a precaution, pre-existing homes should have locks re-keyed. Ask network cabling contractor for assistance. This will guarantee no one would have access to unlock your house except authorized parties.

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2. Install Alarm System or CCTV Cameras

Moreover, investing in a home security system like IP Phone Malaysia could provide the level of security you need, whether you’re in your property or rental.

Having CCTV cameras, alarm systems or a full home security system from CCTV installer are one of the effective deterrents, with burglars admitting they bound to avoid homes with them.

Some advanced security system from CCTV supplier even could help to minimize loss. If someone tries to challenge the system, the alarms will be activated, and a notification will be sent to you or local authorities immediately. Learn more about the importance here.

3. Install Security Screens to Doors and Windows

Adding the security defense with the monitor screen installed on doors or windows definitely would be an ideal choice to mitigate the risk of being intruded.

In most cases, the most common method of intruding the house was via doors and windows.

Moreover, the mesh security screens could act as security barriers, but also let you open the house without jeopardizing the safety.

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4. Add Sensor and Timed Lighting

Not much people know that home lighting also is another proven technique to help deter thieves from targeting your property.

Obviously, the houses that appear to be vacant or unoccupied are more likely to be the prime target for break-ins.

If you are someone who rarely at home, adding a sensor or door access control system could give out an impression that someone is in there and deter their intention of doing malicious act. Contact us today to know more about the safest door control system.

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