KUALA LUMPUR: Recent dating rumours regarding members of popular K-Pop girl group Twice have apparently resulted in its fans expressing a request that the other idols refrain from getting boyfriends.

This follows yesterday’s confirmation from the nine-member music outfit’s agency, JYP Entertainment, that Jihyo was indeed in a relationship with former Wanna One singer Kang Daniel.

According to Koreaboo, the agency had however denied recent rumours that fellow Twice member, Momo, was dating Super Junior‘s Kim Heechul.

Apparently, a popular forum for Twice fans called DC Twice Gallery saw many posts demanding for another member, Sana, to never date for the sake of the fans.

But these negative entries also saw a pushback from Netizens and some fans as well, who criticised the need for fans to control the personal lives of idols.

They argued that Sana should be able to date if she wanted to and fans should respect her private life.

Some also wrote that fans should celebrate her happiness instead.

Twice, which formed in 2015, is made up of members from South Korea, Japan and Taiwan.

The 22-year-old Sana, who is a Japanese national, was reportedly voted as the 17th most popular idol in South Korea and the highest ranked Japanese one during last year’s annual music poll by Gallup Korea.

Korean idols generally do not publicly reveal their relationship status due to the fact that they may lose fans and instigate hate in the process.

Agencies also tend to keep a tight reign on their artistes in this regard and avoid any casual announcements.

Idols are expected to foster a good image of themselves and squeaky clean reputations.

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